About Us

We have worked with professional arborists for years. We found 2 things that we could do that many other companies could not do.

First, fast consistent shipping. If you place an order with us on a weekday, that order will be SHIPPED THAT SAME DAY.

Second, perhaps more important - PRICE. We have special agreements with a few manufacturers to supply us with products below wholesale prices. This allows us to pass on the savings to you. The reason you won't find a big variety of brands on our store is that we only want to sell products that let us sell at or near wholesale prices to you.

Saving you money and helping other small businesses is important to us. We hope that by providing this level of service and savings you will tell your friends and co-workers and we can build our business by helping you. 

We are proud to support the local arborists here in Utah and want to support the hardworking men and women in the tree industry around the country.